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-Cheers, The Colonel of Music and beer

Friday, October 16, 2009

Jamie skins Sohen

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Last Call for '09

Final Game of the Season: Saturday Night at 8pm.

Tailgate starts at 6pm (unless the weather is great)

No excuses, this is only for the Real Fans. 6 pts. from the final two games and we're likely in the Playoffs despite everything that's happened this season.



Well, here we are....our last regular season home game. Playoff chances are dwindling, we have to win, and others have to lose. Not the ideal scenario. Even if we win this game, we will still need to win against KC on the 24th to even have a shot at the post season, and if not, well the Giants are still undefeated and the Yanks are about to spank the Angles, so things could be worse.

Game starts at 8pm, and I'm excited to announce that after last nights thrilling US Nat'l Team tie at RFK, its officially scarf weather. So bring your DCU scarves and let's get loud for the boys one last time before we all cross our fingers and hope they win out and we get a playoff bid.

Let's all hope the DC players are rested, have put their clothes back on and are ready to make a final push, at least so Soehn can have a last chance at saving his job, not to mention Fred, Gomito, and Lucy.


Who's with me?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Is the season over yet?

Your welcome Blackfoot women. These guys suck.