Welcome to the FC Black Foot Blog. FC Black Foot was started at a DC United tailgate in the summer of 2008. We are an alternative supporter group of DC United. We have no dues, we have no rules, and there is absolutely no free beer. We created this blog to give out information for each game and our thoughts and opinions on all things DC United.

-Cheers, The Colonel of Music and beer

Tuesday, August 2, 2011



Where:RFK Stadium

What Time: 4 pm

Weather: 90's chance of storms

We have a two game home stand the next two saturday nights. United need to show up at home at get the six points. I am bringing beers, chairs, and snacks. Who has the tent?

Friday, May 6, 2011

The FootPrint(s)

Hello again Constant Reader, Foot Faithful, welcome to another edition(s) of the FootPrint(s), both of you. Everything you need to know about the smallest and least active DC United fan club: The BlackFoot, DC United game(s) and all things that relate to the Boys in Black. Being the astute reader that you are you have probably noticed a lot of (s)'s in this post. I must come clean and admit that I have been shirking my duties as the scribe for our tribe and have missed a couple of edition(s) of the FootPrint(s). My most sincerest apologies for this afront and in an attempt to rectify this most regal wrong I will, in this post, sum up all the goings ons of the afore mentioned absent of color appendage (BlackFoot, too much?). Why the long break, you may ask? All I can say is that life happens, and fuck you. So sit back and enjoy the whirlwind of words that is set to inform you, entertain you, and, most likely, piss you off. Oh and, do try and keep up.

In an effort to abridge this montage of tailgate memories, these recaps have been known to waste some virtual paper with their length and content, you may notice some of your favorite parts of the Print have been left on the editing room floor. Fear not Fan of the Foot, I have selected only the most choice events and damning details in an effort to be brief but fair. Basically I included the stuff I had jokes for (yes, they are jokes, just cause you don't laugh doesn't change their DNA).

DCU v. LA Gay-laxy
It is always a big deal when that light in the loafers limey comes to town, and this time was no exception. Personally I prefer the imported German fermented beverage to this over the hill tattooed tea drinker, plus, I'm Welsh. Anyway, a Landon-less Galaxy was set to take on the Boys in Black and Becks, and the BlackFoot, were there. We packed up, headed to blah blah blah blah and parked in our usual spot. What can I say about this tailgate? It was like a whose who of who's that? Honestly, I felt like I didn't even know myself. Needless to say the BlackFoot boarders were overrun with FourPeak drinking freeloaders. Although, it was nice to have a big crowd for once (message sent. message received?). And a big crowd we had, mostly made up of Fringe Footers so fringe that one could say they don't even qualify for the title of Fringe, I don't know where that leaves them exactly, but if you are a golfer you will understand what I mean when I call them Fairway Footers. It made for a good tailgate, it meant that you could not find a seat and it makes for good word of mouth, if they had fun that is. Shit, I forgot about that bit.

We had a good kick-around and some classic Saunders v. Saunders arguments that had everyone scratching their heads, most likely wondering where they could find a length of rope and a low sturdy branch in the middle of Legendary Lot 8. I managed to find a branch . . . but no rope. In a true testament to good planning the Chef made a last minute decision to bring his grill, which he did save for the actual grill bit. That, like common sense, he left behind. No worries, Chef turned to his new supplemental income career of, wait for it, BORROWING. In a moment of sublime intervention there happened to be tailgaters (if you can call them that) close by with the same exact grill and, consequently, the same grill bit. Hammer, and I cannot stress this enough, BORROWED said grill bit and was able to fire up some real high school freshman fare. Fine dining began and ended with 5th period lunch for this guy. Hammer then, and I cannot stress this enough, RETURNED the very grill bit he borrowed putting an end to his flame broiled folly. Yours truly didn't participate but I heard the food was, okay.

We ditched the dense masses and made our way into the stadium high on the possibility of a DCU victory, well that and, let's say, life. Once inside we were treated to some last season antics by the Boys in Black as they gave up an early goal. Becks (damn it!) put in a lovely corner that was tucked away by some asshole. Memories, in the corner of my mind, but hopefully not the cornerstone of this still fledgling season. Fear not Foot Faithful, the f'ing new guy came in during the second half to rescue a potentially pivotal point. The DCU goal, when it came, was a result of the dubious dive and subsequent spot kick special of none other than that recently defunct musical media, CD. Tony Montana's late PK earned the Red and Black that previously mentioned point and salvaged the night for the Foot and fans.

DCU @ Toronto F(rench)C(anadians)
Don't worry, as this was an away game it will be very quick. The Boys in Black traveled to the Great White Waste to lay a serious merde-storm on the clueless Canucks. PartyBoy tore off his rip away sweat pants and, threaded in naught but a thong, danced all evening to the tune of two goals. Two nice goals. The primarily productive Frankenstein put in his, what at the time was, 5th and league leading goal. 3-0 to the good guys who wear black and then they got the hell out of Dodge.

DCU v. NY BlueBalls
This too will be an adventure in efficiency as it was a weekday(night) game and the tailgate was kept mercifully short. The Foot Faithful met at the Head of Security's (honorary title I am guessing) house and headed out to what has become our Home away from Home. Some beers, some cheese, some clever comments and some abysmal arguments and it was time to go in. Now, at the risk of being labeled a Judas, a BlackFoot Benedict Arnold if you will, I admit that I was interested in seeing the former Hero of Highbury, the French Finisher, Thiery Henry himself. I won't waste your time by prefacing this with the fact that I am a big Gunners fan or even the fact that I can appreciate great soccer even if played by my mortal enemy, I will simply do with this topic what Pilate (might as well stick with the Bible references) did with Jesus's fate, and what Sanders never does after a visit to the pissoir (and the French ones), and that is wash my hands of it.

So fate favored the Frog and he had himself quite a night at the expense, and to the chagrin, of everything DCU and BFFC. The Frenchy had two goals and an assist and, when added with the efforts of the US National team Johnny Come Lately, i.e. Juan Agudelo (which, although we missed, I have since seen it and it was quite an impressive piece of footballing) left the Black and Red on the wrong side of 4-0 thumping. Merde. Surely there must be good things on the horizon for United and brief boss Benji, right? We find ourselves in a place that DC United fans, and followers of the Foot, find all to familiar: bottom of the table.

DCU v. Pew England Revolution (Cup Game, @ MD)
United dropped a cup game to the Revolution. Personally I hope we never see those Nor'easters again, but it's in their name isn't it? They'll come around again. Some of the Foot Faithful were in attendance, the Chef and Timetable I believe. Bye bye Bronco, a tough break of his ACL (or was it MCL, I can never get that right) is truly a tough break for the Boys in Black. The only thing tougher than a Chef cooked steak is, at the moment, our luck.

DCU @ Whoston Dyna -ho-mo
Things are not looking good, 4-1 to the fags. Fuck.

DCU v. Sea-fattle Flounders
What's this? Are things looking up and is the ball finally bouncing Benji's way? Two beautiful goals, one by Wolff (there's two F's in Wolff boys!) and set up by Dr. Evil and the other vice versa, helped stave off a late rally by the Fat Bastards (like how I am stringing together my references?) as they put away a late PK to make the final 2-1 to United. Again, a few Footers were in attendance (I think?) to witness what has become all to elusive, a win. Of note was Najar who played a great game and hopefully has finally earned the trust of his manager. He must know that Dax McCarty plays football like Dax Shepard acts. Awful.

So there we have it, all the oohs and ahhs of what has so far been a ho hum season. Good things may be a'Foot but it looks like it will be peppered (Chef, that is a seasoning often used in cooking) with poor play and pitiful results. One can always be hopeful though. There is one more issue worth bringing up before I sign off and that is a rare rift that has recently been rising among the Mighty BlackFoot. The Footophiles are apparently audiophiles as well, and the soundtrack to our season has suddenly come under serious fire. At the center of the controversy, of course, are the common combatants of the Colonel of Music and Chef Hammer. Mind you, this is no Fray at RFK, yet, but it definitely warrants a few words. It seams that the Colonel has gone Dictator and is being accused of Widespreading his musical choices around. (Say what you want about this blog, and I a sure you will, but I thought that last line was terribly clever.) The Chef has gone Phishing and reeled in some serious complaints about the bands played, or not played. It is a classic SouthEast (Athens) v. NorthEast (Vermont) civil war. I am not sure who is going to win but if either of them have your email address I can tell you that you lose. I think it is fair to say the the Foot have found themselves in the middle of a musical jam - band that is. Also of musical note is that the curtain has been pulled back on the once feared Head of Security to reveal a 13 year old schoolgirl. In accordance with FCC regulations I will not list the tween and teen requests of the Head of Security since the language it would invoke would be blue to say the least. Suffice it to say that we are targeting his iPod like the US targeted Bin Laden. Stay tuned FootFans, as the one thing I can guarantee you is that this indie rock issue is not going way.

If you made it this far I will close by saying that in the future I will be more attentive to my Blog Business in the hopes that you will not have to suffer through a dinosaur sized FootPrint again. And if I don't I will simply plagiarize myself by saying what I said earlier - fuck you. Big game tomorrow night versus FC Fallacy and as always, I can't wait to tailgate.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

DCU 5/7/11

Who: DCU vs Dallas

What time: 3:30

Where: Lot 8

I'm bringing beer and apps, lets go for three more points at home.

Friday, April 29, 2011

May Games at RFK

Wed - 5/4 vs. Seattle

Sat - 5/7 vs. Dallas

Sat - 5/14 vs. Colorado

Sun - 5/22 vs. Ajax at 5PM

Friday, April 22, 2011


If I wanted to rub salt in the wound I'd point out that DCU's backline, especially their fullbacks, led to the 0-4 loss last night. Burch (at fault on their 2nd) and Korb (on their 3rd) are not even average at their positions for MLS.

But since I'm sure a nice guy and good fan, I'll just say that the crowd looked awesome on TV and Agudelo's goal was sick.

Who's in for the Cup game on Tuesday night?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Open Cup Update

Wed - 4/26 vs. NE at the SoccerPlex in Germanton (US Open Cup)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

DCU vs LA GALS 4/9/2011

When: 4/9/2011

Time: 3:30 pm

Where: RFK Lot 8

What to bring: Food, Beer, and possibly your lawyer

Blackfoot is heading out this weekend to see United get another home victory. Should be leaving from the blackfoot base around 3:15. I'm bringing chips and dip, and beer.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

April Home Games

Three big ones coming up at home in April -

Wed - 4/6 vs. Philly at the SoccerPlex in Germanton (US Open Cup)

Sat - 4/9 vs. LA (likely Beckham's final game at RFK)

Thurs - 4/21 vs. NYRB (current odds on Henry being hurt for this one: 2:1)

Monday, March 21, 2011

The FootPrint

Although DC United has a revamped squad with notable additions, a new coach within whose chest beats the heart of a lion and the same old stadium we have always had, and although the words "win" and "title" and "championship" were being brandied around at the same rate as losses were last season, and although the weather was crisp and clear like the promise of better times riding on the winds of change, which were blowing this day, I don't think anyone expected the kind of success that the Boys in Black delivered on Saturday. And the BlackFoot faithful were on hand to cheer, scream and relish every second, every intricate pass, every bone crunching tackle, and, wait for it . . . . every goal. To sum up in slightly different terms: the Boys in Black are back.

The Foot Faithful were on hand before the gates to legendary Lot 8 were even open, and so were a lot of other football fans. Once we were in we went straight to the spot where so many legendary tailgates have gone down in seasons past. The boys were in fine form for the first party of the new season and the site was set up in no time. One notable addition is the BlackFoot flag, while not new in and of itself, it's new nesting spot (on top of Hammer's car) displayed it in the truly glorious fashion that it deserves, and with the wind, and United, prevailing, it has truly become an RFK icon.

Greetings from the Grill: since yours truly has gone vegetarian I will no longer be able to critique the many meats coming off the grill at the shaky hands of Chef Hammer. Fortunately to recap this Kitchen Encounter I didn't have to. Sausage and Peppers were the order of the day, and apparently ordered by the ground since that is where Chef chose to put it. I throw it on the ground, I won't be a part of your system! Chef, clearly thinking things through, decided to move the grill mid saute' and deftly dumped dinner in the dirt. When asked why no one helped the answer was unanimous: I though you had it dude. Luckily the Chef had plenty of extras to continue cooking, one can only assume that he paid for them. At any rate, dessert took the cake. Cookies provided by Dick Dank seemed to have everyone laughing and smiling, laughing and smiling, laughing and, well . . . . you get the idea.

Perhaps no longer the best kept secret, BlackFoot tailgates continue to attract a lot of attention. It seems we have become the spot to make an appearance at, which I am sure has nothing to do with the fact that we are next to the best pisser in the park, the Anacostia River. People were coming from as far as two cars away to party with the boys. It was amazing to hear the different accents these far away travelers spoke with, mostly hick and various drunk dialects. Cameo appearances were made by: Darth Hangaround, Kenny (who?), two guys, and Todd.

The tailgate went by as quick as Hammer walking by a closely monitored merchandise table and before we knew it we were breaking down the tailgate and getting ready to head in. We almost had the Fray at RFK round two when Hammer and Dick tried to put the cornhole boards away. Score: drunk logic one - ingenuity zero. As our foreign friend put it: "Is like watching monkey fuck football." Sometimes a Czech is better than cash, eh boys? We made the march to the stadium and were all ready to check out our new seats, one row back from the old ones, when the Colonel got held up at the gate. Apparently his ticket was no good. Despite my best efforts to convince security that we have had season tickets for years, and despite the fact that the Colonel was wearing the brand new SEASON TICKET HOLDER scarf, he was denied. I cut my losses and made my way to our seats. Kudos to the brain trust who came up with the new STH marketing strategy that is plastered all over the schwag that came with our season tickets, it is clearly helping to identify real fans and dedicated season ticket holders. Just ask the Colonel. It seems all they have done is make DCU merchandise so hideous that not even Hammer would steal it. All of these mishaps were quickly forgotten once we saw the team on the field and Benji on the bench. The boys came to play. Even though there were some quality chances created in the first half, most notably the long distance effort by newcomer Josh Wolff (two F's in Wolff boys!), the Columbus Boo played us to a stalemate, which in Chess means tie. The second half was a different story. Wolff started it off with a brilliant strike in the early goings of the second half. A PK by the welcomed and almost worshiped Charlie Davies made it 2-0. Then, what everyone was hoping to see happened. Brilliant hustle, control, composure and finishing was displayed by Charlie as he beat the keeper for the third goal of the night and secured his brace. Welcome Charlie, welcome indeed. Great play was displayed by another new comer, Kitchen Counter, and there was also strong play by United veterans like Clyde Simms and Andy Najar. The only stain on the night was a PK that was given up late in the second half to the Crew, who put away what was clearly their best chance of the night. The call was questionable though, which is to say the only thing cheaper than that PK was Hammer's new shirt. 3 goals and 3 points for the Boys in Black. It was a great day for all and I only wish Hammer could have been there to enjoy it. Seriously, that kid disappears more than Clark Kent. The only people who will remember less of that game than him are the two fans in front of us, Mr. Jim Beam and Mrs. Captain Morgan. They each had their own pint, it was like sitting next to a distillery.

Line of the day: came very late and was spoken by Smithy on the drive home as we realized we were right behind Dick and Hammer: "I hope that asshole knows how to tie down his cornhole boards." Classic.

Well, those are the highlights and the low lights of the 2011 season opening tailgate. Stories were told and made, beers were drunk and so were people, and everything was in the black, except the DC United merchandise bottom line, which was in the red. This season looks like it might be fun both in the lot and on the turf. Welcome to the new arrivals and big congratulations to Coach Olsen who gets his first official win of his young managing career. Here's to many more Benji, many more! Get your ass out to a game boys and don't worry about parking, it's free cause Hammer steals it.

Can't wait to tailgate!

Hugh - STH - ligans

Monday, March 14, 2011

Home Opener 3/19/2011

When:Saturday 3/19/2011

Where:RFK LOT 8

What time:Blackfoot Begins at 3:15

What to Bring: Beer, Food, and Chairs

This Saturday begins the 2011 campaign of DC United. The Red and Black look to start the season on a winning note so come out and support United.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Training Session Video

The season starts soon, here's some training ground footage (sans Chuck D (in France gathering his things)), knocking the ball around nicely...good serves, shots, creating..


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Third Kit


Thursday, January 20, 2011


With players reporting to Washington this week for physicals and meetings, we take a look at the D.C. United roster ahead of training camp, which begins in earnest next week. Other trialists might join the group soon. Meantime, the hunt for the elusive international goal scorer continues. The MLS roster limit has increased to 30 from 24, but clubs are not required to fill every slot.


Bill Hamid: 20-year-old academy grad with a season of experience returns from shoulder surgery (read my feature story about his physical and mental maturation)
Steve Cronin: solid second-tier keeper acquired in Troy Perkins trade with Portland, will compete for starting job
Chase Harrison*: Virginia Tech grad was with DCU late in 2010
Joe Willis*: 6-foot-5 third-round draft pick from U of Denver


Dejan Jakovic: Canadian center back in third season with DCU
Rodrigo Brasesco: Uruguayan on loan plays in middle and right
Jed Zayner: outside back made good impression late last year
Perry Kitchen: No. 3 overall draft pick from NCAA champion Akron and U.S. u-20s, brings bite to middle, also plays in midfield
Marc Burch: recovered from foot injury; left back and cover in middle
Julius James: center back made strides last season
Devon McTavish: utility veteran plays on right, provides central cover
Daniel Woolard: Outside back formerly with Chicago
Ethan White: homegrown center back from U of Maryland, U.S. U-20s
Chris Korb*: Left and right back chosen in second round from Akron


Branko Boskovic: Designated player acquired 2010 midseason is comfortable on the left and in the middle, needs to make greater impact
Dax McCarty: Starter for MLS Cup finalist Dallas, immediate starter in middle as a two-way player, currently in U.S. national team camp
Andy Najar: 2010 MLS rookie of year can play either wing
Santino Quaranta: veteran on the left, right or up top
Clyde Simms: starting defensive midfielder in seventh season
Kurt Morsink: gritty central player started 18 matches
Stephen King: central player made 16 starts in 2010
Junior Carreiro: young reserve flank player
Conor Shanosky: homegrown prospect plays centrally
Brandon Barklage*: hoping to return from second ACL injury


Chris Pontius: 2009 rookie gem returning from hamstring surgery
Josh Wolff: U.S. World Cup veteran claimed in re-entry draft from K.C.
Joseph Ngwenya: claimed in re-entry draft from Houston
Abe Thompson*: U of Maryland, six years' pro experience
Blake Brettschneider*: Supplemental draft pick from South Carolina

*on trial

Monday, January 17, 2011

stadium update


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

draft order

we need attacking players, obviously

The SuperDraft cherry-picking order for Round 1:
1 Vancounver Whitecaps FC
2 Portland Timbers
3 DC Untied
4 CD Chivas USA
5 Philadelphia Union
6 New England Revolution
7 Houston Dynamo
8 Vancouver Whitecaps FC (from TFC)
9 Chicago Fire SC
10 Sporting Kansas City
11 Seattle Sounders FC
12 Columbus Crew
13 New York Red Bulls
14 Real Salt Lake
15 San Jose Earthquakes
16 LA Galaxy corrected
17 FC Dallas
18 Colorado Rapids

DCU New Player


I like it, lets so how this guy pans out, lots of south american top flight expereince