Welcome to the FC Black Foot Blog. FC Black Foot was started at a DC United tailgate in the summer of 2008. We are an alternative supporter group of DC United. We have no dues, we have no rules, and there is absolutely no free beer. We created this blog to give out information for each game and our thoughts and opinions on all things DC United.

-Cheers, The Colonel of Music and beer

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

DCU vs Dallas

When: Saturday, May 2nd

Where: RFK, Lot 8

What time: 4:00 Pm or whenever the caps game is over

What to bring: Beer, Snacks, Rain Coat, Tent, Dinner

What Im bringing: Beer, Charcoal, Tortillas and Avocado Dip

Alright guys,
We got a big weekend ahead of us. The Caps play at 1 pm at Verizon Center, so a few members, head of security, the brownie maker, and the Dr will certainly be there. Hugh has volunteered his house to watch the Caps game then head on in to Lot 8. Let us know what you can bring and hope to see you all out there.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Recap of yesterday


The week began with yours truly, Chef Hammer, finding out he had won the DCU to NY Amtrak Contest whereby I got two (2) round trip train tickets and two (2) seats to the game in NY complments of DCU. Although I tried to round up as much of the Northern branch of the Blackfoot as I could, my parents ended up being the only ones to take me up on my invite and join KB and I.

Let me start by saying that the day began on the heels of a fantastic night of celebrating the marriage of our fellow Blackfooter, Hugh and his beautiful bride Jenn. KB and I woke up at 8am and met up with our fellow contest winners at Gate E of the DC train station (home of the timeless Whoa! Whoa! Buddy/Larry Craig wide-stance incident). The ride up was smooth and problem free and we were picked up outside the Newark station by my parents and taken home to pack up for the tailgate.

Mother Hammer had packed snacks, cookies, and sandwiches and Papa Hammer took care of drinks....and we enjoyed a wonderful, albeit brief, tailgate outside the famed Giants Stadium.

The first great moment of the day began when we were in our upper level seats and no one else was their yet. Soon came a low thundering drum beat that slowly grew as the coming Barra Brava unloaded into our section to my parents total shock and awe....they sat there saying to me, What is that noise? Where is that sound coming from? Who are these nutballs wearing these flags as capes and dragging giant drums with them (there was one drunk DCU fan who brought his Alex ovechkin flag which he gave to me halfway through the game)

Onto the game...it began with what I thought was a creative lineup form General Tommy, basic 3-man defense, Clyde and Benj holding midfield, Rodney Wallace and Fred at the midfield flanks, with rookie Chris Pontius in the #10 role behind Santino and Lucy...it worked great, which turned into the lead goal by Wallace in the 23rd...halftime came and we were stable, but I had to admit some to having some bad stomach pains in fear that we wouldn't be able to hold our lead, as usual...

The second half began as normal with a whistle by the ref and five minutes in Andrew Jacobson was subbed in for fan favorite Ben Olsen, due to the same old ankle injury acting up, then Fred was subbed out for Big Brandon Barklage in the 61' which moved Pontius out to the flank for Fred.

Things seemed to be going well after the subs, but my fears were soon realized when the NYRB tied it in the 68', to be more specific Juan Pablo tied it, and then Dane Richards added another due to what I consider shoddy defense (Burch was yelling at Jacobson, Namoff yelling at Burch, Crayton was yelling at everyone)....I knew we couldn't hold the damn lead I thought...but none of us knew or expected what would happen next....while singing something to the effect of "You've got no f'n trophies...not a f'n one" to the Red Bull faithful, all 8000 of em (if that), DC tied the game back up with a sweet Lucy goal in the 89' and then was followed up by some gutsy play which led to anther goal by Pontius on a loose ball in the box and some good hustle by Boyyyzzzz, who came in as a 81' sub for Rodney....the fans were going nuts...

What a great ending to the game, we sat in our seats for a while and watched as Benji, who was subbed in the 50th minute from an apparent sore ankle, limped across the field to talk to family and friends and was then serenaded by the DCU faithful that stuck around...when the family and I finally got to the tunnel to leave, my mother made us stop and wait for the Barra Brava to leave, so we could walk out as part of the parade of drumming and singing fans, what a day....

....P.S. our train home got delayed many hours and we didn't get to bed until 2am....well worth it.


Monday, April 20, 2009

New Members

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The FootPrint

This tailgate was a lot like the classic: "A Tale of Two Cities"; it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.  A beautiful party on a sunny work day filled us full of great expectations, but the game itself sucked Dickens.  The BlackFoot was in fine form and once again set up shop in the usual spot and got the party underway.  The Urinal Colonel rebounded from an underwhelming previous beer procuring performance as he supplied some nice hoppy beers with my money.  He is seeming more and more like Red from the Shawshank Redemption, he can get you anything you want if you are willing to pay for it.  All in good fun Privates Pee-alot, I recognize that you also brought some Amstel Lght.  Dr. Dank and Sargent Hulka and yours truly rounded out the first four who were soon to be joined by some more BlackFoot faithful as well as the FC BlackFoot under 4 squad.
This tailgate also marked the return of the cornhole (never liked that name) boards which were tagged up with the BlackFoot logo, which has finally made it's first appearance.  A firm pat on the back must go to the Chef for his fine work on those boards.  I must admit I am not quite sure how he did it, I would say it was paint by numbers, but he can't count.  Hulk paint!  A nice rivalry was started between the Dr. of Dank and myself and the Chef and the Colonel.  It took a record amount of explaining before the Colonel of Confusion grasped the basic principles of the game.  Just the opposite of the neanderthal that discovered the wheel, he just didn't get it.  It must be said though, a complete lack of understanding of the main tenets did not thwart his throwing at all.  Games were won and lost and the stress seemed to take its toll on the good Dr.  Convinced that a nearby crow was taunting him he seemed to rally under this avian accusation.  When the game was finally won by Doc Dank, he screamed what I would consider to be the line of the day, "Who's laughing now bird?"  My guess would be the voices in your head, but you're the Doctor.  Win or lose though, it was nice to have the beer drinking friendly game back.  Preeshed Chef.  
Greetings from the grill: after some questions concerning cooking New England themed dishes, Chef fired up the grill and threw on the burgers.  Always a crowd pleaser and it appeased the crowd until the BlackFoot can figure out the best way to approach this part of the party.  The Colonel may not be able to catch any fish, but he has no problem shagging shrimp, which made a nice appetizer before the red meat course.  Except for the coronary cautious Colonel, who chose chicken.  No harm, no fowl, eh Colonel?  Good beers abounded and you-know-who came through with the baked goods.  
Most people didn't know there was actually a pre-game match happening that day: 
Match-up: The BlackFoot Itty-bitty's V. anyone in the surrounding area
Starting Line-ups: FCBF  - 1. Haley 2. London 3.Trey 
                                  ASA - general population
Match Time: The 5 minutes between nap time and when they eat Cheerios.  
Weather Conditions: mostly happy with a 70% chance of drool.
Result: FUN. 
After the conclusion of that game it was on to see the big boys play.  This is the part of the story where we encounter the Oliver plot twist.  The boys started off well enough with a strong first half, but no goals.  A halftime and two questionable United subs later, we gave up a goal.  Credit to the team for fighting back and kudos to Benji for talking trash and then backing it up with the tying goal in extra time.  B-E-N-J-I, and Benji was his name-o!  Sadly, his shining play was overshadowed by the poor performances of Creighton and Jackass and the questionable coaching of Tom Uh-ohen.  I mean Tom Oh-noen.  Sorry, it should be Tom Ur-blowen, who I hear might change his name to Tom I'llbe-goen.  Despite the result and dropping two points at home I think that as much fun was had in the stadium as out.  Our row seems to be as popular as ever with space at a premium.  We learned that KB is a fire-pie feminist, showing disdain for any dude donning the carrot coif.  And we learned that Sanders is the superman of going home; faster than a speeding bullet.  Honestly, the only thing he likes more than playing games with his buddies is playing games at home by himself.  What was the result of your online hockey league game?  I don't know about the score, but you're a zero.  
Fashion tip: white is the new black boys and girls and it is time to accept it.  Buck the trends and don't worry about the fashion rules, wear the white.  We will be the ones to set up the first whiteout.  
Not sure when the next game is, but as always I can't wait to tailgate!


Thursday, April 16, 2009


Who: DCU vs NE

When: 4/16/09 7:08 PM Kickoff

Where: RFK Lot 8

What time we are really getting there: 3:45

Hey All,

Its time to rock the black this Friday. Todd is bringing Hamburgers and NE related beer(just let him go for it guys). Bring beer as always, appetizers and chips are appreciated(I'm bringing cocktail shrimp). Also If your not a fan of Hamburgers bring whatever you would like to grill, the cooker will be hot and ready to go.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Todd this girl is hot


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Babe of the Week

NE Outlook

Finally it looks like we can field the squad that we have wanted to for some time against NE....Santino and Fred look ready to go on the flanks of midfield, Pontius can officially move up top with Lucy and all the pistons will be firing for what has the makings of what this fan hopes is DCU finally taking off with a string of victories...NE comes in without having lost this season yet, but no Taylor Twellman....Ralston is still getting back to match fitness so we are meeting them in what could be considered a weakened state, despite their record....let's hope for multiple goals so we don't have to cling to a 1-0 lead. Chef predicts a 3-0 victory.

Monday, April 13, 2009

DCU vs RSL Post Wrap Up

Well Blackfootians that game is forgettable. We opened up the scoring very nicely, with a great combo play between Fred, Jackass, and Luciano. Fred dropped back to the daredevil who whipped in a nice touch cross to Luciano's head, who deftly put it past the keeper. Luciano is officially on fire.

A new face made it into the DCU lineup, Andrew Jacobson. He replaced the resting legend, Benji Olsen. I thought Jacobson did really well. He has great composure on the ball, an excellent first touch, and seem to be able to play in tight triangles with Fred, Christian and Luciano. I think I'm going to like this player. Gomez seemed to return to the form that had him take the 2007 MVP of MLS. He was spraying the field with passes to the wing like Zizou at the Santiago Bernabeu. Unfortunately DC has a keeper problem. Crayton is like Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde. One moment he is making an outrageous save, the next he looks like Jimbo on a bender. The Dr Jekyl moment came after we scored the first goal, Will Johnson of RSL whipped in a nasty cross to an on rushing RSL defender who headed straight towards Crayton. Unfortunately for Crayton, it hit him square in the hands. Crayton, in an effort to parry the ball out of goal, parried the ball into goal. Wow, what an absolute howler of a keeper error.

The second half brought out Mr Hyde. Crayton made a ridiculous reaction save on a header from close in. It was probably the save of the week In MLS. DC did not have a lot of continuity in the second half. We couldn't keep possession and we had zero chances. RSL went up 2-1 on a nice goal from Morralles. At that point the game was over and we were trying for the tie, as Coach Shitoen replaced Gomito with Mctavish. Mctavish immediately made an impact by misplaying a perfect ball from Jacobsen out of bounds. Typical Mctavish, Im still not sure why in the hell this guy is still on our roster. He sucks. The goal was scored via beatiful build up all around by RSL. Robbie Findley flicked on a gorgeous Kyle Beckerman pass to the on rushing Morrales who blasted in off the near post, fantastic goal. Hopefully DCU will come back strong this Friday vs NE.

Lets Go Caps

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Footprint, Vol. 2

And God said "Let there be tailgating" and the sun came out and the breeze blew, music was played and the grills were lit, and it was good. Hello again BlackFooters and welcome to another addition of the FootPrint. BlackFoot supporters and their significant others flocked to the spot for our second soiree of the season. As stated above the Lord, or a combination of gravity, the Earth's atmosphere and the rotation of the earth, depending on whom you believe, did it's part and we had a beautiful day for a game. The BlackFoot pulled a casual arrival showing up a bit later than usual but in no time at all the party was underway.

It was a pretty standard tailgate, except for the fact that the Chef, and his alter ego The Incredible Jerk, were not there, so nothing was broken. The Colonel of Music and Beer might be in line for a name change after claiming he was bringing beers for all to share. Advertised in this very blog were a nice hefeweizen and the "Ten Fiddy" stout. He should have amended that to read "some hefeweizens and a 'Ten Fiddy' stout", since that was all he brought. One. Singular. I feel no shame in being the one who drank it. The new name could be "The Colonel of Music and a bottle of Beer", or quite simply the Urinal Colonel, since he spends more time with that than he does with either beer or music.

The Minister of Mrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr made his first appearance last weekend and along with the Dr. of Dank and his good friend, high blood alcohol content. The good Dr. must know of another good tailgate before the BlackFoot one to arrive in the condition he did. He should spend more time measuring the alcohol in his system as opposed to the insulin. But like a good Dr. he was on call all night and may have even seen some of the game. Sorry Doc, no pictures in this article, but I can suggest a good book, it is all about a dog named "Spot".

Right before the BlackFoot bunch was to head into the game there was an impromptu episode of "Yo Momma", as three of them graced us with their presence. Seriously, it was just like that show minus that guy from the 70's show and the funny jokes. It was unclear how cognizant they were of the BlackFoot movement but seemed to enjoy themselves all the same. Yo Momma so BlackFoot . . .

Then it was into the game where your author was delighted to see N'Silu (pronounced N-zulu, aha ha aha) get the start. Not at all because of his skills on the field, which were not bad by the way, but more so because of the nick name potential. Immediately shouts of "Engage!" leaped from my throat at speeds of Warp 5. A good laugh was had by the BlackFooters about that even as his play on the field brought a sparkle to my Takei. (Hey Urinal Colonel, that is wordplay my friend) But nothing beat what in my opinion was the line of the day (feel free to comment and dispute if you must, and I know you must) when our new favorite player was subbed out in the second half and your author announced: "Dis-engage!". Good times. I have to admit, with players named Doe, Chris Pontius and N'Silu it is going to be a very fun season.

News from the grill this week: chicken sandwiches and veggie burgers (guilty!) abounded this week. Minister Mrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and the good Dr. brought enough chicken to eat some and then sacrifice some to the soccer gods in the hopes of a win. Nice work boys. The Colonel's wife enjoyed making c*ck sculptures in the hummus, which made me laugh and just a little nervous (it was a pretty big mushroom!). Good eats fo sho', but I know the BlackFoot can do better and I anticipate that with the return of the Chef we will see some better grub, and a lot of things that used to work but no longer do.

And of course the highlight of the day was Lucy's game winning goal, a superb chip in the second half. That is two in a row for Emillio and I am glad that this one resulted in the win and 3 points. Hopefully both the BlackFoot and DCUnited can keep the momentum going and take it into our away game this weekend. Keep your eyes peeled for more posts to see were the BlackFoot will be celebrating the next United win and remember that everything you see here is subject to change 5 minutes before the party starts.

Can't wait to tailgate!


P.s. Despite a complete lack of security this weekend everything went pretty smoothly, except I think someone stole all of the Urinal Colonel's beer. Chunk!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Whoever put that washington freedom bumber sticker on my car is gonna pay!!! LOL

Friday, April 3, 2009

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Foot Print

Well the first tailgate of the season is in the bag, and so were many of the attendees.  The BlackFoot were up bright and early and at the gate of lot 8 by the crack of 3:30pm.  After about a half hour and about 10 visits from "Mr. Is that gate still locked why am I wearing goalie pants guy"; we were on our way into our waterlogged location.  I am very curious to know where Mr. (see above name) comes from where sometimes, locks undo themselves.  Either that or his last name was Copperfield, and his first The Amazing.  The weather did not seem to dampen the BlackFoot spirits and soon the tailgate was in full swing.  Among the top ways to pass your time while waiting for the rain to pick up were:
1. timing how long it took for our neighbors across the way set up their tent.
2. counting how many beers the Dr. of Dank of dropped.
3. chastising the Chef for yelling at children.
4. noticing the final version of the tent that our neighbors across the way settled on.
5. watching  Chef and Colonel argue the ever popular Phish v Dead argument, or was it Panic v Phish?
6. watching Colonel and Dr. argue about everything else.
7. trying not to be seen while peeing in the woods, apparently not as easy as it may seem.
8. debating the intelligence in placing the grill where our neighbors across the way decided to.  Those guys were great!
9. listening to Chef try and prove that filling a trash bag with a grill and placing that bag upside down on the ground is the way to go.  The next person to pick that bag up and gravity both have something to say about that.
10. seeing all the different ways the Chef could find to desecrate the DCU flag.
11. and of course, watching DCU drop another lead in the second half and then drop two points by full time.  I really hope this does not become the MO for the season.

Greetings from the grill, my hat, and most of my hair, go off to the Chef for a very nice grilled chicken sandy.  Well done Hammer.  Also, the Boss of Baked Goods came through with some very nice brownies.  Much appreciated.  

Line of the day: Uttered by your author himself, upon hearing that prejudice is a nonviolent form of racism, "So you are like the Gandhi of racism?"  A lot of levels to explore in that one . . .

All in all a fine time was had by, well, all.  Hopefully DCU's fortune and the weather will take a turn for the better this coming Saturday when the United and the BlackFoot take on the Houston Dyna-blow.  In the meantime, check the blog for updates but remember, only about 1 out of 5 things you read on here about the upcoming tailgate will be true, but it will all be sad. 

Alright Foot0philes, that is all for the first installment of the Foot Print.  Continue to read the blog for DCU news, personal slams and burns, and other pointless sh*t.  Can't wait to tailgate!

Name Pending (yes, I know the first name sucked)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Home Game #2

Who: DC United Vs Houston Dynamo

When: 7:30 pm

Where: RFK Stadium

What time are we really starting: 4 pm or So

Alright boys and girls fcblackfoot here. We have another home game this weekend, who is looking to tailgate and watch some football? The little grill will be in attendance so If you want to cook something up, feel free to bring whatever. Chef Hammer is on vacation so we wont have our regular guy, if anyone wants to volunteer, just say the word. Everyone bring beer as always.
Here is what we do need

2. snacks/appetizers
3. napkins

I will bring an appetizer of some sort(more info to follow), the tech table, the grill with charcoal, and the cooking utentsils. Please let us know if your going and what you can bring.