Welcome to the FC Black Foot Blog. FC Black Foot was started at a DC United tailgate in the summer of 2008. We are an alternative supporter group of DC United. We have no dues, we have no rules, and there is absolutely no free beer. We created this blog to give out information for each game and our thoughts and opinions on all things DC United.

-Cheers, The Colonel of Music and beer

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The FootPrint

Happy birthday BlackFoot!  DC United's newly formed fledgeling fan club just turned 1.  We are napping, dirtying our diapers and crying all the time.  The BlackFoot faithful celebrated with their biggest tailgate of the season with numbers that would have the Barra Brava shaking in their South American made sandals.  Okay, maybe it would have had the Screaming Eagles quaking in their Keds.  Or, perhaps it was more like El Norte was trembling in their, well I don't know what they wear, they sit so f'ing far away who can tell?  At the very least the family in the caravan next to us were slightly nervous, all footwear aside.  Suffice it to say we had a lot of fringe Footers in attendance and the party was on.  On top of all this excitement was the belated (I get it Chris, I missed your birthday) birthday celebration of our very own Colonel of Music (definitely) and Beer (occasionally).  The Eternal Colonel was celebrating his acceptance into the recently retired community and the fact that his prostate is still slightly smaller than his head.  BlackFoot founders, significant others, family and friends all partied like Santino Quaranta in the early years.  

We could be found in our usual spot with all the amenities you have come to love or loathe at our tailgates.  The completely crooked Turkey Table that you could place on a basketball court and it would still wobble like a Weeble, the tent that has decapitated more people than the guillotine, the grill that has been used "gently" if Lennie from "Of Mice and Men" is defining the term, the BlackFoot Beanbag Boards . . . no joke, those things are fun, and of course the classic Chris and Rich clashes that over time may have changed topics but have never changed decibel levels.  It was good to have a big gang together and it made for a great, multifaceted tailgate.  BlackFoot fringe member Graziano played for the skins team, in fact he was the sole member of the skins team, to the chagrin of the shirts.  The sun bounced off his pale body to the point that you needed a homemade viewing device just to look at him.  He looked like the cover of the Beatles "White" album, except skinnier.  He stepped behind a light pole and vanished like Bilbo Baggins at his own birthday party.  I know I told the Chef not to give away his brand new BlackFoot t-shirts, but I think sometimes an exception is in order.  

The recently ordained BlackFoot brewmaster Justin and his wife Emily won the "traveled the farthest to be here" award but the real prize was the home brew that traveled that distance with them, all the way from NC.  Did I mention his middle name is Porter?  A treat of a wheat beer and a better than good bitter were enjoyed by the Colonel and I and anyone who managed to swipe a sip.  Good stuff.  The Colonel held counsel with Justin in order to gain some brewing advice with hopes of starting up our own DCU Brew Crew.  I think the name "BlackFoot Bitter" has a nice ring to it . . . or maybe a "BlackFeet Wheat"?  Something to think about and drool over.

Greetings form the grill; which on this day looked like a meat truck hit it.  Burgers and brats multiplied like Gizmo when he got wet.  It was crazy crowded on that grill but I am pretty sure that no meat touched the lone veggie burger.  It looked like Custer's last stand on there, if he had been made of soy and black beans.  That veggie melt was truly a pariah patty, but no doubt it was enjoyed by it's victim (thats my girl!).  The whole crew was clogging arteries except for the Colonel and his wife.  What's the matter Colonel Sanders, chicken?  We had enough baked goods to open up our own Entenmann's aisle and more chips than the California highways.  Since most Footers brought and cooked their own food I hope that the Chef enjoyed his day off, and enjoyed the pork loin that was not ready in time when he got home that night.  Hulk thought game Sunday!  Add all the beer to the mix and it was only a matter of time before my old friends heartburn and hangover showed up.  Ugggh.  

After a great tailgate we went into the game.  Our beloved United against the Fire for first place.  The game was great, the most fun I had watching DCU so far.  Jaime shined from the spot and Gomito blasted a beauty from outside the 18.  Awesome.  Not to mention Josh "Candle" Wicks (cause he's on fire?) who denied McBride (loved him on the US team) from the spot to preserve the three points.  Some great team play from Jackass, Wallace and Pirate Clyde ensured that we are no longer just flirting with first place.  Well done lads!

Line of the day: I promise to get better at this, I am not entirely sure how but I am fairly confident it means less beer.  So I might not get better.  Come on comments section!

We were glad to see our DCU Insider partying despite his recent increase in spare time.  Since he just got laid off one can only hope that he went home that night and got laid on.  Forget fantasy seats, may we meet again mezzanine, and goodbye game day gear (unless purchased from the new online team store, finally).  Not all the news is bad since this now means that Matty can spend a little more time tossing the bean bag with the Foot who will no doubt make fun of the new Philly franchise who may be hiring.  The BlackFoot should have put in a good word with Nowak when they saw him at the last game!  Though he would not have understood it.   

Congrats to the BlackFoot on turning 1 and congrats to me for not paying the parking fee for Chris "sans cash" Saunders for the first time.  Instead I paid for his brother.  Great to see everyone, drink beers, eat food and most of all watch the boys in black win a battle.  Hope to see more fresh faces at the tailgates that are coming up and as always, I can't wait to tailgate.  



  1. another fine recap sir. and another damn tie for us last night vs seattle, we have to win the return leg on sept. 12. gomito is starting to get warm and with party boy still on his game, we should be ready for the stretch run.

  2. thanks reg, I tried to capture the spirit of the thing.

  3. sucks there isnt a game for a while...