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-Cheers, The Colonel of Music and beer

Monday, July 27, 2009

Let's Learn about L.A. Firpo!!!

Besides this Tuesday (7/28) being Hugh Squire's birthday, DC United is playing an El Salvadorian club called L.A. Firpo... besides them having a funny name, here are some more interesting facts....http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C.D._Lu%C3%ADs_%C3%81ngel_Firpo
- the Oldest Club in El Savlvador
- Named after a famous boxer
- Team mascot, the bull
- Major supporters group: el Furia Pampera (no match for the blackfoot)
- home stadium is known as Estadio Sergio Torres, better known throughout Central America as "The Devil's Cauldron" because it is close to impossible to defeat Firpo there. (does RFK have a nickname besides craphole? how about the black hole?)

Come out and have a drink with Hughy enjoy some good football and join the Blackfoot ranks before we start taking applications. See you near the wasp-tree.



  1. hulk fail, never ever refer to rfk as a "craphole"

  2. your just jealous because we don't have a cool sounding stadium nickname like theirs.

  3. who is going to this game? I wasn't planning on it but given this article perhaps I should. what is the plan?

  4. and hulk, don't ever refer to the hallowed halls of RFK as the "craphole", or have you forgotten that it is the sight of all 4 of our championships? a little respect for this penultimate pitch, if you please.

  5. fair enough, but it is your birthday, did you not have other plans? i know matt and three other friends of his are going that we hung out with all sunday with at the pool, not the three guys matts cousin brought, but other guys. isn't this part of our ticket package or not?