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-Cheers, The Colonel of Music and beer

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Rainy Day Footprint

So LA came into town, and so did the rain, thunder, lightning, wind, and unfortunately another bullshit tie.

To begin our day, Dr. Dank, Mrrrrrman, and I got to the Security chiefs house to leave and I think they were making pancakes again, because it took forever to get out of there, btw their new nickname is the Sloths... Once there, we joined another supporters group, although they have no name, we in Blackfoot management can decide whether to offer them citizenship. So we put our tent up, hung our proud flag, whereby we once again had to explain the origin of the Blackfoot name....after we got established, we took on the usually simple task of grilling, but the rain had other ideas because it took us almost an hour to get a flame going...all the while our fellow tailgater, Justin, continued to offer us his grill, due to our total inability to get our coals going, I thought Rich was going to hit him if he offered his grill to us one more time, I told him Blackfoot cooks its own food because I think I saw that on page 248 of the charter, right after the section on death panels.

Anywho, onto the match...

The game was slow and boring. For the most part, I thought Wicks was our savior actually, he played the wet ground remarkably well and I think he even made a few saves with his Baba-Booey-esque teeth. Becks was an unmentionable, so was Donovan and Eddie Lewis, but once again so was most of DCU. We had an early goal turned over for offsides, which was debatable, but otherwise, nothing really exceptional happened, much like this write-up...no worries, D.L. Hughly will be back this week from his sabbatical at the Galapagos Islands.

To wrap-up, the game ended, Dr. Dank, Mrrrrman and I left for the lot, of course we had to wait for the Sloths who stumbled out eventually and never wanted to leave.

FYI, our 11th tie of the season, booo-urns!

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  1. damn, i think if hamlin wrote a little more he could have gotten hugh replaced!! Nice work hamlin. The sloths, LOL. That guy justing refuses to join our club, fuck him, if it's the same guy Im thinking of(anne maries sometime boyfriend?)