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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Chefs Chat with Clyde Simms

Recently, our team MVP for last season, Clyde Simms, participated in a DCU online chat, and yours truly, Chef Hammer had the good fortune of having his questions answered...

Clyde, Did you get an xbox360 yet?got any FIFA 2010 complaints? wanna compete in our annual super bowl fifa tourney in arlington? Anywho, good luck this season, keep up the hard work...From Todd Hamlin - 2:15 pm

I know this isn't going to make any sense, but I still enjoy playing FIFA on the old X-Box. For some reason I just like the gameplay better, or maybe I just can't get used to the X-Box 360 gameplay - but maybe I can give it a shot in your tournament.... From Clyde Simms - 2:43 pm

What sort of overseas offers have you had over the past two years, I have to think it has been tempting, but after seeing what Freddy is going through it seems smart to have stayed, but with the recent move of Stuart Holden, maybe MLS is gaining enough 'street cred' to warrant a loan move into a starting position for a US based guy like yourself now, as opposed to when Freddy was looking, man it would be sweet to have him back in that playmaker role for us now that it seems Gomito isn't returning....From Todd Hamlin - 2:25 pm

I just signed a new contract before the 2009 season. Before that I had a couple of trials lined up in the English Championship, and it took a lot of thought, but I realized that I had a good situation here, in a place that I love living and playing in....From Clyde Simms - 2:52 pm

For the remainder of his chat....

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