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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What Galaxy will the Galaxy be playing in this year without Becks?

As most of us intelligent ones predicted, David Beckham has found a way to stay in Italy. He is slated to return towards the end of the MLS season, whereby he will most likely become the victim of a mysterious hammy injury that will keep him out of the remaining games of the Galaxy season, thus ensuring his safe return to Serie A, and thus an early end to Beckhams' 'Great American Soccer Experiment'.

As for the remaining members of Bruce Arena's squad: Landon Donovan returns, Abel Xavier is gone and I hear he has an agent and will be starring as Stripe in the new 'Gremlins Part 3' flic. They have picked up a new few guys here and there, they currently have Chris Klein, Dema Kovalenko, Tony Sanneh, and Eddie Lewis (all of which are on the tail end of their careers) and Edson Buddle (overrated), etc.

They were mediocre at best last year (ok, they sucked- 8-13-9, tied for worst in the league), and with the loss of Becks, another year of developing/aging for some (not for others, Landy-Cakes I'm looking at you pretty boy, I don't care how many games you played in Germany and how many times Juergen stroked your ego, you are still a whiny-baby to us), and the need to learn the MLS game for the youngsters spells another season of not being out of this world for the Galaxy....

...As to our opening game against them, I predict an easy victory for DC United 3-0 (Lucy with one and Gomito with 2) and a long season at the bottom again for the lowly Galaxy.


  1. its lady cakes.... not bad todd, although i cant understand a word of the last sentence in the third paragraph

  2. http://whoareyadesigns.bigcartel.com/product/landycakes

    Its landy saunders, his name is landon, hence, landy.

  3. OK, so i was off on the score...we dominated until the bs handball call. pontiues looked good, wallace looked solid, luciano could have gave up possesion too easily, and benny needs to get in shape.