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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Benji Out!

Well, it finally happened, Benji is out for an extended period for the first time this season, 3-4 weeks with a hamstring injury (his ankles are secretly happy for the break)....Can Jacobson get it done, will Barklage step in? Will Jackass keep impressing us? Can Clyde play holding midfielder solo? I'm requesting everyones two cents on this issue.....


  1. Jacobsen is more then capable. I think he will shine in his new role. Pontius is not even an option there, he is way too offensive minded. The only other option is Mctavish or possibly jagovich, who could fill in nicely there. He is a great great pickup. We are gonna win the cup.

  2. i agree about pontius, not his position, but he is kicking ass so i felt like mentioning him regardless...the same with barklage...symms will be fine, but i think jacobson is the man for the job, we really need clyde to step into more of a vocal leader...he needs to direct the guys in front of him to keep shape and distribute, etc...

  3. pontius got benched at halftime of the chivas game

  4. jackass came back strong in the cup though, two goals and an assist. doing the party boy dance celebration after he scored was awesome, good stuff Hammer.