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-Cheers, The Colonel of Music and beer

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Chef On an Empty Stomach

The Chef was at the Caps debacle last night, in fine form. He was pretty drunk, here are the highlights.

  • Almost knocking Shirley to the ground with a cross check(she hit her head earlier in the day)
  • Doing his finest Jimbo impersonation with alot of touching and beer toasting.
  • Telling Graziano he likes Ranza(liar) LOL
  • And the best is for last. He spilled beer all over this girl Shannon and her jacket(looked expensive), he then tried and failed at jokes relating his beer spilling towards the caps Russian Keeper. Shannon seemed hardly amused and then she moved across the room away from chef, pretty hilarious! HAHHAHAAH


  1. you are obviously taking out your caps frustration on me, no problem. what poor form on their part. it was sad to see varlamov pulled after all he had done to get the caps to where they were.

    i forgot about spilling on that girl, and i never ever hit shirley.

  2. I am not sure I understand the photo and the caption, did the Hammer puke?

  3. there is no puke in that picture, its a dude cracking his beer glass all over a girl

  4. I know, but the caption mentions an "empty stomach", not sure how that fits in.

  5. oh right, well i meant i think he was really drunk cause he didnt eat anything, i saw him drink like two beers and immediatley he was hammered.. no pun intended