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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Benji for head coach, you read it here first.

When do we get some DPs? When does Onalfo get fired? Benji for Head Coach.


  1. hmm when does todd lose his ability to post! awww hulk out!!!

  2. why don't you add a comment about my topics. Why don't we have designated player spots filled, why do we suck ass? Benji could learn to be head coach getting the same results.

  3. After the Gallardo fiasco in '07, Chang doesn't seem to see the value in a DP. A DP doesn't just need to show his value on the field, but off it as well. The extreme example is obviously Beckham, who justified his salary in merch. and sponsorship revenue before he ever kicked a ball. Is a DP really going to sell that many more tickets or jerseys? who is even available until after the World Cup? Hulk's question is a fair one from a hard-core fan's perspective, but remember there's a reason that your midfield seat still costs less than $30 a game...