Welcome to the FC Black Foot Blog. FC Black Foot was started at a DC United tailgate in the summer of 2008. We are an alternative supporter group of DC United. We have no dues, we have no rules, and there is absolutely no free beer. We created this blog to give out information for each game and our thoughts and opinions on all things DC United.

-Cheers, The Colonel of Music and beer

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The FootPrint

Welcome back Foot Faithfuls to another season of DC United soccer, BlackFoot tailgates and good times. True enough that the good times were confined to the pre-game tailgate on this day, but we will get to that all in good time. First things first. The BlackFoot are back. Don't kid yourselves, tailgating season is underway and the BlackFoot are doing it in style. The usual cast of suspects, albeit the short list (no offense Rich), were present to enjoy the glorious DC spring weather. Welcome back to the Colonel whose fixation with music is, shall we say, Widespread? Welcome back to Chef Hammer who seemed to still be sweating from the last tailgate we threw at the end of last season. Welcome back to our Head of Security who continues to keep things in check, everything was very secure and controlled except for his own ticket. Welcome back to the Good Doctor, and his lovely wife, who continued his BlackFoot on Blackfoot crime of dissent from within and resisted the pull of the Final Four all the way to halftime. Welcome back to the t-shirts, flag and CornHole boards that have become the sole staples of true BlackFoot tailgates. And of course, welcome back to our home away from home in legendary Lot 8 . . . hold it just a minute. Upon arrival we quickly learned that the rumors were true that Lot 8 had seen better days. In truth a majority of the lot had been quarantined due to monstrous potholes that made third world roads look like major throughways. Once again we see where soccer in the District falls in the order of things, apparently just ahead of cleaning up the Anacostia. Despite this minor set back the tailgate was well on and truly joined by the BlackFoot.

What were the notable highlights of the first tailgate of the year? Well to start with Chef debuted his new sunglasses that apparently are designed to keep you safe if you are hunting in the woods. These glasses belonged on the top of a hotel in Vegas. It was like tailgating on a distant planet that has two suns. While the Chef's eyes were safe and sound anyone within twenty feed was in real pupil peril. We later found out that the glasses came along free with a knife that he bought that was the same color, he really needs to stop shopping at GayAccessories.com. The Colonel did surprisingly well with the music mixing up a nice variety of all the music that was promised beforehand. Although, for my taste, he did not seem to be in a great hurry to play Rush, but I remedied that on the ride home. Then there were the chairs. Lot's of chairs. I know we were missing a few of our normal fringe Footers, but honestly we had more chairs than Ikea. We could have made everyone at the last supper comfortable and still had some to spare. I guess it just goes to show that we have our work cut out for us to put asses in the seats, and after their performance on Saturday so do DC United.

Greetings from the Grill: BBQ chicken and ribs supplied and cooked up by the Chef hit the spot for everyone. It was good eats. His new eye ware apparently has no negative effects on his cooking, just his looks. The Colonel chipped in with some cheese and crackers and figs in an effort to class up the tailgate. Mark my words: it won't be long before he is bringing wine to these events. Ha, what a fig. And I would be remiss if I didn't mention the pre-made Smores that were provided by the good Doctor's wife. They were big enough to build a house with and delicious. Toss in some pasta salad, chips and good beer and everyone's pre-game palate was satisfied.

With high hopes and high friends we headed into the stadium. Highlights from our first home game of the season? Our fringe Foot friend Tim cut off his hair and the Colonel caught a t-shirt at halftime. That's about it. The game was nil-nil at half and very unimpressive. Two quick goals in succession for the New England Revolting in the second half and the game moved from unimpressive to un-everything. We can only hope that our returning players are taking a while to mesh with the new players, that Perkins remembers how to play goalie very soon and that Clyde gets healthy quick. Otherwise it is going to be a looooooong season.

Before I wrap up this first recap of the season, and don't worry, they tend to get better as the season goes on, I want to mention one last thing. One of our BlackFoot faithful has recently made a big move out West. Though all of his Foot friends will miss him greatly we completely understand this move and completely stand behind him. The Foot has often talked about a trip out west and now we have one more solid reason to do so. And we know that the Man from Mrrrrrrrrrrrr has not attended his last DCU game nor his last BlackFoot tailgate. So wherever you are raise a Pepsi for the Merman and bid him a fond farewell, and of course, wish him the best of luck. We will miss you Danny boy.

Allright boys and girls, one final parting shot. Get your ass out to a United game! Our numbers were not the only poor thing about Saturday, but it is the one thing that stands out in my mind. Laziano, get a move on son! Timetable, check that schedule and make an appearance. Professor, how about you cut class and come check out a game? Rally round the Foot and let the festivities begin because we may very well be the best thing about this newborn season.

As always, I can't wait to tailgate!!



  1. serioulsy has anyone heard from the proffesor?

  2. Wish I could have been there. thanks for the well wishes and yes, I will be getting you guys out here sometime.

  3. yeah speaking of gayfootnotes.com....

  4. Wow, after reading that it's like I was there... See y'all next Saturday night vs. Chicago. Where's the new parking spot?

  5. Nice write up. No Darth Vader sightings either...
    ..Fringe footers need to attend or else we sick the team mascot on you.

  6. i bet he made it up to you on the ride home.

  7. not sure about the ride home comment but I did try to capture the spirit of the thing.