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Monday, April 13, 2009

DCU vs RSL Post Wrap Up

Well Blackfootians that game is forgettable. We opened up the scoring very nicely, with a great combo play between Fred, Jackass, and Luciano. Fred dropped back to the daredevil who whipped in a nice touch cross to Luciano's head, who deftly put it past the keeper. Luciano is officially on fire.

A new face made it into the DCU lineup, Andrew Jacobson. He replaced the resting legend, Benji Olsen. I thought Jacobson did really well. He has great composure on the ball, an excellent first touch, and seem to be able to play in tight triangles with Fred, Christian and Luciano. I think I'm going to like this player. Gomez seemed to return to the form that had him take the 2007 MVP of MLS. He was spraying the field with passes to the wing like Zizou at the Santiago Bernabeu. Unfortunately DC has a keeper problem. Crayton is like Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde. One moment he is making an outrageous save, the next he looks like Jimbo on a bender. The Dr Jekyl moment came after we scored the first goal, Will Johnson of RSL whipped in a nasty cross to an on rushing RSL defender who headed straight towards Crayton. Unfortunately for Crayton, it hit him square in the hands. Crayton, in an effort to parry the ball out of goal, parried the ball into goal. Wow, what an absolute howler of a keeper error.

The second half brought out Mr Hyde. Crayton made a ridiculous reaction save on a header from close in. It was probably the save of the week In MLS. DC did not have a lot of continuity in the second half. We couldn't keep possession and we had zero chances. RSL went up 2-1 on a nice goal from Morralles. At that point the game was over and we were trying for the tie, as Coach Shitoen replaced Gomito with Mctavish. Mctavish immediately made an impact by misplaying a perfect ball from Jacobsen out of bounds. Typical Mctavish, Im still not sure why in the hell this guy is still on our roster. He sucks. The goal was scored via beatiful build up all around by RSL. Robbie Findley flicked on a gorgeous Kyle Beckerman pass to the on rushing Morrales who blasted in off the near post, fantastic goal. Hopefully DCU will come back strong this Friday vs NE.

Lets Go Caps


  1. my bud deacon might be joining us for this one....are people going to make it to this game, or will it be the five of us?

  2. add more NE beers to the list, or the clan can bring them

  3. I will bring a few surprises, i guess smuttynose, list the NE beers for me again

  4. red hook, magic hat, otter creek, wolavers, sea dog, shipyard...

  5. well unless you come up with better beers then those i aint buying them. LOL. Actually wolavers is pretty good, the rest suck.