Welcome to the FC Black Foot Blog. FC Black Foot was started at a DC United tailgate in the summer of 2008. We are an alternative supporter group of DC United. We have no dues, we have no rules, and there is absolutely no free beer. We created this blog to give out information for each game and our thoughts and opinions on all things DC United.

-Cheers, The Colonel of Music and beer

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The FootPrint

This tailgate was a lot like the classic: "A Tale of Two Cities"; it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.  A beautiful party on a sunny work day filled us full of great expectations, but the game itself sucked Dickens.  The BlackFoot was in fine form and once again set up shop in the usual spot and got the party underway.  The Urinal Colonel rebounded from an underwhelming previous beer procuring performance as he supplied some nice hoppy beers with my money.  He is seeming more and more like Red from the Shawshank Redemption, he can get you anything you want if you are willing to pay for it.  All in good fun Privates Pee-alot, I recognize that you also brought some Amstel Lght.  Dr. Dank and Sargent Hulka and yours truly rounded out the first four who were soon to be joined by some more BlackFoot faithful as well as the FC BlackFoot under 4 squad.
This tailgate also marked the return of the cornhole (never liked that name) boards which were tagged up with the BlackFoot logo, which has finally made it's first appearance.  A firm pat on the back must go to the Chef for his fine work on those boards.  I must admit I am not quite sure how he did it, I would say it was paint by numbers, but he can't count.  Hulk paint!  A nice rivalry was started between the Dr. of Dank and myself and the Chef and the Colonel.  It took a record amount of explaining before the Colonel of Confusion grasped the basic principles of the game.  Just the opposite of the neanderthal that discovered the wheel, he just didn't get it.  It must be said though, a complete lack of understanding of the main tenets did not thwart his throwing at all.  Games were won and lost and the stress seemed to take its toll on the good Dr.  Convinced that a nearby crow was taunting him he seemed to rally under this avian accusation.  When the game was finally won by Doc Dank, he screamed what I would consider to be the line of the day, "Who's laughing now bird?"  My guess would be the voices in your head, but you're the Doctor.  Win or lose though, it was nice to have the beer drinking friendly game back.  Preeshed Chef.  
Greetings from the grill: after some questions concerning cooking New England themed dishes, Chef fired up the grill and threw on the burgers.  Always a crowd pleaser and it appeased the crowd until the BlackFoot can figure out the best way to approach this part of the party.  The Colonel may not be able to catch any fish, but he has no problem shagging shrimp, which made a nice appetizer before the red meat course.  Except for the coronary cautious Colonel, who chose chicken.  No harm, no fowl, eh Colonel?  Good beers abounded and you-know-who came through with the baked goods.  
Most people didn't know there was actually a pre-game match happening that day: 
Match-up: The BlackFoot Itty-bitty's V. anyone in the surrounding area
Starting Line-ups: FCBF  - 1. Haley 2. London 3.Trey 
                                  ASA - general population
Match Time: The 5 minutes between nap time and when they eat Cheerios.  
Weather Conditions: mostly happy with a 70% chance of drool.
Result: FUN. 
After the conclusion of that game it was on to see the big boys play.  This is the part of the story where we encounter the Oliver plot twist.  The boys started off well enough with a strong first half, but no goals.  A halftime and two questionable United subs later, we gave up a goal.  Credit to the team for fighting back and kudos to Benji for talking trash and then backing it up with the tying goal in extra time.  B-E-N-J-I, and Benji was his name-o!  Sadly, his shining play was overshadowed by the poor performances of Creighton and Jackass and the questionable coaching of Tom Uh-ohen.  I mean Tom Oh-noen.  Sorry, it should be Tom Ur-blowen, who I hear might change his name to Tom I'llbe-goen.  Despite the result and dropping two points at home I think that as much fun was had in the stadium as out.  Our row seems to be as popular as ever with space at a premium.  We learned that KB is a fire-pie feminist, showing disdain for any dude donning the carrot coif.  And we learned that Sanders is the superman of going home; faster than a speeding bullet.  Honestly, the only thing he likes more than playing games with his buddies is playing games at home by himself.  What was the result of your online hockey league game?  I don't know about the score, but you're a zero.  
Fashion tip: white is the new black boys and girls and it is time to accept it.  Buck the trends and don't worry about the fashion rules, wear the white.  We will be the ones to set up the first whiteout.  
Not sure when the next game is, but as always I can't wait to tailgate!



  1. i like the new names. go B-E-N-J-I!

  2. I cant tell which dr your talking about. As for later on I actually didnt have any online games lined up. I played one game vs the cpu as a night cap. I was getting a good nights sleep for the all but life crushing capitals defeat, then date with my wife. Which I will take any day over hanging out with you bad breathed bozos.

  3. there is only one doctor that I know of.

  4. wait hugh you totally forgot the charcoal incident... LOL

  5. also i might add soehn actually didnt make any bad coaching moves, i was wrong, i sent out an email this weekend, but gomito and simms both were hurt. They had to come out.

  6. how about people showing up twenty minutes before gametime and wanting a hot grill? get real.

  7. i did forget about the charcoal, oh well that is why there is a comments section.

  8. hamlin, i agree with you too a point, they were not asking 20 minutes before, rich was telling 50 minutes before, LOL. Nothing is stopping rich from putting charcoal on the grill. However the charcoal was on in plenty of time, i think the dowsing of charcoals is never a good idea unless the charcoal is grey not still going, LOL. Thats why it took so long, next time be patient let it go until it is gray.

  9. tricky situation, i think. I have cooked many times on a way too hot fire, and used a spritz bottle to help control the heat. I was just trying to think of the quickest way to get cooking so Hammer could get into the game. now we know, get a good fire going and nurture it throughout the tailgate. I don't think the Chef should have to delay his entry into the game because people want to eat late . . .