Welcome to the FC Black Foot Blog. FC Black Foot was started at a DC United tailgate in the summer of 2008. We are an alternative supporter group of DC United. We have no dues, we have no rules, and there is absolutely no free beer. We created this blog to give out information for each game and our thoughts and opinions on all things DC United.

-Cheers, The Colonel of Music and beer

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Footprint, Vol. 2

And God said "Let there be tailgating" and the sun came out and the breeze blew, music was played and the grills were lit, and it was good. Hello again BlackFooters and welcome to another addition of the FootPrint. BlackFoot supporters and their significant others flocked to the spot for our second soiree of the season. As stated above the Lord, or a combination of gravity, the Earth's atmosphere and the rotation of the earth, depending on whom you believe, did it's part and we had a beautiful day for a game. The BlackFoot pulled a casual arrival showing up a bit later than usual but in no time at all the party was underway.

It was a pretty standard tailgate, except for the fact that the Chef, and his alter ego The Incredible Jerk, were not there, so nothing was broken. The Colonel of Music and Beer might be in line for a name change after claiming he was bringing beers for all to share. Advertised in this very blog were a nice hefeweizen and the "Ten Fiddy" stout. He should have amended that to read "some hefeweizens and a 'Ten Fiddy' stout", since that was all he brought. One. Singular. I feel no shame in being the one who drank it. The new name could be "The Colonel of Music and a bottle of Beer", or quite simply the Urinal Colonel, since he spends more time with that than he does with either beer or music.

The Minister of Mrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr made his first appearance last weekend and along with the Dr. of Dank and his good friend, high blood alcohol content. The good Dr. must know of another good tailgate before the BlackFoot one to arrive in the condition he did. He should spend more time measuring the alcohol in his system as opposed to the insulin. But like a good Dr. he was on call all night and may have even seen some of the game. Sorry Doc, no pictures in this article, but I can suggest a good book, it is all about a dog named "Spot".

Right before the BlackFoot bunch was to head into the game there was an impromptu episode of "Yo Momma", as three of them graced us with their presence. Seriously, it was just like that show minus that guy from the 70's show and the funny jokes. It was unclear how cognizant they were of the BlackFoot movement but seemed to enjoy themselves all the same. Yo Momma so BlackFoot . . .

Then it was into the game where your author was delighted to see N'Silu (pronounced N-zulu, aha ha aha) get the start. Not at all because of his skills on the field, which were not bad by the way, but more so because of the nick name potential. Immediately shouts of "Engage!" leaped from my throat at speeds of Warp 5. A good laugh was had by the BlackFooters about that even as his play on the field brought a sparkle to my Takei. (Hey Urinal Colonel, that is wordplay my friend) But nothing beat what in my opinion was the line of the day (feel free to comment and dispute if you must, and I know you must) when our new favorite player was subbed out in the second half and your author announced: "Dis-engage!". Good times. I have to admit, with players named Doe, Chris Pontius and N'Silu it is going to be a very fun season.

News from the grill this week: chicken sandwiches and veggie burgers (guilty!) abounded this week. Minister Mrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and the good Dr. brought enough chicken to eat some and then sacrifice some to the soccer gods in the hopes of a win. Nice work boys. The Colonel's wife enjoyed making c*ck sculptures in the hummus, which made me laugh and just a little nervous (it was a pretty big mushroom!). Good eats fo sho', but I know the BlackFoot can do better and I anticipate that with the return of the Chef we will see some better grub, and a lot of things that used to work but no longer do.

And of course the highlight of the day was Lucy's game winning goal, a superb chip in the second half. That is two in a row for Emillio and I am glad that this one resulted in the win and 3 points. Hopefully both the BlackFoot and DCUnited can keep the momentum going and take it into our away game this weekend. Keep your eyes peeled for more posts to see were the BlackFoot will be celebrating the next United win and remember that everything you see here is subject to change 5 minutes before the party starts.

Can't wait to tailgate!


P.s. Despite a complete lack of security this weekend everything went pretty smoothly, except I think someone stole all of the Urinal Colonel's beer. Chunk!


  1. I must break you next Welshman. Hulk will be looking for you.

  2. Nice write up, sorry to have missed it. I did drunk dial Chris that night for results.

  3. How did Crayton do? I like his new flourescent jersey, its like Chelsea's third kit last year

  4. he is a little to casual/dramatic for my taste, he makes every save look dramatic and then acts like nothing happened. but he got a shutout . . .

  5. You sure that late night drunk dial wasn't for a piece of *ss?

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. i think the team has the most confidence in him..which is importante, and having stability in that position is priceless....as is watching chris try to open a beer with a lighter

  8. Wait so the guy who brought skunked beer, cider, a beer he couldn't even drink cause he thought it was a wine cooler, is going to complain about the only good beer he drank all day. That hefe is one of the best in the world, not the Colonoel's fault you only like hoppy pale ales and dry stouts. It's funny how you left how the important details of the shit beers you brought(in your opinion), LOL. Selective journalism. Next game I will bring lots of Belgium beers in honor of your journalistic integrity.

  9. I didn't claim to be bringing any amazing beers, and I referenced my beers as ones that were given to me, warm, by my caterer that morning. I did not exactly set expectations super high. Plus, I was the first one to say the beer was skunked, and you, the Colonel of Beer, told me no, it is supposed to taste like that. And finally, I brought Cider because that is what my girl drinks just like you bring chicken because you are gay.

  10. harumph to that!!

    i say that the colonel of beer should bring lots of beer. thats two straight games of misinformation about beer. no better time to start planning for NE than now...my two cents, we bring NE brews, if saunders can stomach the harpoon, allagash, and flying goose

  11. bullshit. When did I mis-epresent? Never. I will bring lots of beer when you guys give me lots of cash. And btw I bought 30 beers on saturday. IM gay?!? you were eating a veggie burger!!!!!! What is on the beer list is exactly what was at the tailgate. The hefe I bought is one of the best of its kind in the world bar none. I cant help if one guy doesn't like the style, Hamlin you love that beer. Dr of Beer is going to become the Dr of Miller lite real soon. HAHA

  12. just be sure to bring more than ONE miller lite, Doc.